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From The Depths Entertainment  /  2/26/2015 10:43:00 AM
Go reserve the brand new "When The Night Goes Mad" shirt on Teespring. The deadline for ordering is March 15. Order now at

From The Depths Entertainment  /  2/26/2015 07:49:00 AM
Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil metalcore band Awaking The Crowd recently released part 1 of their "Live & Life" documentary series. The band discusses what ATC means to them and showcases a studio performance of their track "What Are You Waiting".
From: Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sounds like: Metalcore

From The Depths Entertainment  /  2/24/2015 01:18:00 PM
Howell, NJ alternative rock band Out Of Ashes gets their "Trust Yourself" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

Out Of Ashes brings their unique hybrid of pop punk/alternative rock to the forefront of their "Trust Yourself" EP. "You're Killing Me Kid" crashes in with an almost New Found Glory type breakdown which leads into an catchy pop punk/alternative rock vibe in the vein of Blink 182. The track is a great way to kick things off. The harsh vocals and splendid guitar solo later in the track are a pleasant surprise and add a bit of variety. "Tombstone" blows the doors off and sounds like a freight train coming at the listener. The Linkin Park influence is in high gear on the track. The hip hop vocals along with the heavy rock instrumentation work surprisingly well without sounding cheesy or forced. "Wrong Side Of The Argument" brings back the pop punk sound that sounds a bit like Four Year Strong or A Day To Remember. The track is extremely upbeat and catchy. It's a track that will be blaring loudly in the summertime. "Small Town Hero" is a rockin' good time of a track. The song encompasses just awesome alternative rock mixed with a dash of popcore throughout its four minute length. "Singer With An Ego (And Those Guys Or Whatever)" opens with a very unique breakdown which turns into an almost Sevendust type sound. The track screams to be played live and having the crowd sing back the vocals. It's probably the heaviest track on the EP. "Above All Else" closes out the EP with its ultra catchy sound. The alternative rock sound heard here is radio friendly as hell and should be welcomed on any and all radio stations. Six tracks of this quality isn't heard very often. Do yourself a favor and pick up this EP.

Out Of Ashes is a band for any fan of rock music. There's so much here to like that really transcends the genre to new heights. "Trust Yourself" and go pick up this EP right now!

From The Depths Entertainment  /  2/05/2015 09:33:00 AM
Howell, NJ based rock band Out Of Ashes gets interviewed and talks about their style of music, the rock scene and upcoming plans.
From: Howell, NJ
Sounds like: Rock

Out of Ashes is:
Rob Intili- Vocals
Don Chin- Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar
Bradford Sawyer- Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Sam Stewart- Bass
Alex Berwick- Drums

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Out Of Ashes” and is there any meaning behind it?

Rob: I started playing in bands about 10 years ago when a friend of mine randomly asked me to join his band for fun. That snowballed and eventually led me to realize that making music was my true passion and what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Our sound is basically developed from the vast influences we have as a group and us just taking those and blending them all together.

Don: Well, back as a sophomore in Highschool a few of my friends and I decided to start a band, funny part was I didn't really play an instrument besides trombone and piano. I ended up just picking up an electric bass (6 stringer Ibanez... I loved Dream Theater) and haven't looked back since. Went on to study jazz theory and perfected my craft with former Berklee professor Joe Macaro, who had also worked with Victor Wooten, helping me to truly understand music as not just an art, but as a language.

Brad: My dad has always played guitar so music was always around me. I got my first guitar when I was 13 and played a little, but once I heard "Learning to See" by Van Halen and "Walk" by Pantera I started loving music and really got into them. I heard Zakk Wylde and John 5 and now guitar is my absolute passion! But I have to give the credit to my dad he taught me everything I know when it comes to guitar, without him I wouldn't be playing guitar!

Sam: I really enjoyed playing Guitar Hero so my mom made me play start playing actual guitar... thanks mom! I like to think we are the Phoenix rising from the ashes. But not like the capital of Arizona, but like the bird. But I do like Arizona Iced Tea, especially the Arnold Palmer kind. I always put Cheeze Its together with Arizona Iced Tea, but not Cheeze Nips like Brad likes yuck they are no good.

Alex: I have been playing drums for about 12 years. Ever since I was little, I always wanted things to bang on, and once I was in middle school, I joined the school band. At the time, we were pretty close with the high school band teacher, and he started to give me private drum lessons after school let out. As the years went by, I continued private lessons from school teachers to professional drummers, as well as self-taught on various ends. I played in and out of countless bands, whether as a studio drummer or permanent member, as well as being a member of jazz/rock, symphonic, and marching bands through middle and high school. All of that, as well as playing along to the radio, led me to develop my own sound and style. Out of Ashes began when Rob and I each left our respective bands, surprisingly, I think, the same night. Rob and I were discussing possible band names and Rob (I believe) thought up Out of Ashes, and yes, it has significance. Out of Ashes was born from Rob and my fallout with our former bands. From the ashes of these bands, we created Out of Ashes.

2. How would you describe your music to the average listener?

Alex: Our music is a combination of all of our interests. We have some rock,, alternative, and pop-punky aspects mixed with some rap vocals. We have something for everyone - whether you want some catchy verses or sexy harmonies, insane guitar shredding, or just simply music you can't help but nod along too, we are confident you will find something to love in our music!

Rob: I would have to say something along the lines of musical schizophrenia. We live very much by the code of if we think it sounds cool we do it. No genre limitations, no worrying about what people think, we just go for it. That's part of what makes this so special for us.

3. What do you want the listener to take away from your music?

Don: Honestly, when I'm working on my lyrics I'm always trying to speak from my own experiences. If I can get someone to smile and know that everything will work out after hearing our music, I consider that a success. I want people take away hope I guess, just knowing that we've all been where they were and made it through.

Alex: I want everyone who listens to our songs to enjoy them. Since everyone in the band contributes their lyrics, our songs are chock-full of our personal experiences or feelings, situations we have experienced, obstacles we have overcome, and we believe we aren't the only ones who can relate to them. If the listener takes anything away from our songs, I want them to relate to the lyrics, and get sucked into the music and melodies.

4. What can people expect from your live show?

Brad: A fun, happy environment with support! Basically I want every show to be a big party!

Sam: A lot of harmonies, sick guitar riffs, jumping, singing along, and partying. Party Party Party.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Rob: Linkin Park, A Day to Remember, and Dangerkids.

Don: It would be an odd tour but for me.... Dream Theater, Reel Big Fish with Scott back, and 311. They were my first influences and still take up a large portion of what I listen to on my commutes to work.

Brad: Linkin Park, Four Year Strong, and Dangerkids.

Sam: Linkin Park, A Day to Remember, and Dangerkids.

Alex: Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, and Blink-182 (before all the drama).

6. Any crazy show stories?

Sam: My bass strap ripped out the screw in my bass and I spent 90% of the last song in our set trying to fix it on stage. WOOO! Also Don basically broke his neck on his guitar and he didnt even know it til a few days after a show.

Rob: We had this one show at a coffee show that was just very strange. The show was supposed to start at a certain time and the opening band didn't show up until an hour after their set was supposed to start. Instead of having another band play first or moving the lineup around the people putting the show on chose to wait for the band. After that the show went fairly smooth, the other bands were pretty unorthodox but it was decent. Then when it came to the band right before we were supposed to go on things got really crazy. Not only did they take a full 35 minutes to set up and tune, they then played for about an hour which was twice their allotted set time. During their set the lead singer was high out of his mind on some kind of drug and stripped down to his boxers. We ended up not playing because things just got too crazy and one of the guys running the show got upset that we weren't happy with everything that was going on at the show. Good times.

7. What’s your take on the current state of rock?

Brad: A lot of people say it's dead, and I used to also, but it's not dead. It is just buried, there's still great rock out there, it's just harder to find. We have rap and pop shoved down our throats, people forget about rock but it's there you just have to find it!

Don: Sometimes I feel that bands are losing sight of why they do music to begin with especially when fans take offense to their maturing sound. At a certain point people stop talking about what happened in their 20s, priorities change and its reflected in the bands sound, nothing to be ashamed about for that. I think that rock is being revitalized as we move away from the domination of hip hop and pop in the market, but it has to learn to compromise with this generation of consumers that are averse to change.

8. What’s the current music scene like there in New Jersey both locally and state wide?

Don: Depends where you're at. The scenes are much larger in the cities like Philly and NY, but we have our little havens like New Brunswick and Asbury Park that allows a wide genre of bands to take shape and grow. From what I've seen pop punk is still strong while nu metal is making a comeback.

Alex: Where I am in NJ, not much of anything goes on! But state-wide there are a lot of great places to play or see shows. Personally, I think NJ has a decent local music scene.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

Brad: It doesn't bother me at all. I don't make music for money I'd rather you download and love my music then not get a chance to hear it. I make music because I love it I don't care about a paycheck!

Rob: I'm torn, nothing makes me happier than having people hear and enjoy our music because that truly is the most important thing to me. But on the other hand illegal downloading is one of the largest reasons for the poor state of the music industry today. Double edged sword.

10. What’s next for Out Of Ashes?

Don: Bigger shows, better music, as long as our fans are happy I'll let them decide where we're going.

Rob: We are playing The Break Contest for a shot at playing the 2015 Skate & Surf Festival! Also we are writing, A LOT! We're planning to go back into the studio for our 2nd EP starting sometime this spring. We like to keep busy at all times! Also catch us on Instagram (@outofashesnj), we've been posting a series that we call "The Basement Sessions" which are basically 15 second clips of us playing popular songs acoustically in our secret basement lair! We are currently taking requests for songs!

11. Any shoutouts?

Alex: Itty Bitty Britty!

Don: Big thanks to my professor Joe Macaro and my vocal coach Colleen McDonald! Their guidance has helped me immeasurably. Also a big thanks to my family who has always supported me and ofcourse my friends who have made it to nearly every show I've played over the years! Oh and Drake's Fruit Pies, they seriously are the most amazing snack on the planet.

Brad: All of my family and friends who have come to shows and supported me, Never Enough, Dexi cat, Saltypaws, Ciara Synister, Columbus flea market, Dr Chocolate, Joey Taylor, the Columbus fire for not hitting my store, Cheese Nips, Talking in Scottish accents but only saying "great", Bonesaw at Kiss of Ink for stabbing me with with needles, Wawa, my Mercury Grand Marquis, Daewoo Lanos the really big pencils we used to use in kindergarten, Moobys, Randall Graves, the talking trees at the Katy Perry halftime show (the shark is overrated), Bubbles big rimmed glasses, Scotty Too Hotty, the guy that yells "my leg" in Spongebob, Alex's black sleeveless t shirts, Andy for letting my girlfriend's car chill in his driveway when it broke down (not Andy from Toy Story), Netflix, the life alert lady that can't get up, Bordentown Guitar Rescue, when I fell outside of Sam's house trying to get my foot up to Rob's chin, Cheese sticks and Turkey sandwiches for keeping me alive, Lt. Dan's new legs, Keanu Reeves, my favorite black t shirt from Walmart, checkers (not the food place or the game the pattern), Stephanie from that one episode of Family Guy, Abraham Lincoln's hunk of watermelon, Carter Pewterschmidt, Roger, Mclovin, Skylark Tonight, Forest Whitaker's good eye.

Rob: John Naclerio at Nada Recording Studio, Trollbrera, Steph Malfatto Photography, Park Nine Diner, The Jam Room, Chris from the Jam Room, Elmo the person, Gamechanger World, the WWE, Seth Rollins, Linkin Park for being awesome, our buddies in Dangerkids, No Parallels, James Benedetto's mustache... May it live on forever in glory!, GRIM, lady GRIM, Grime, Big Texas Buford, Wawa, Cheap gas, my family and friends who have been super supportive of me, Gazid, Steve from Staples, Geese, thanks Kane, Jeff Crespi, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Pizza, not being eaten by sharks, Phoebe, the cinderblock that I punted- sorry bro!, RKOs from outta nowhere, the Harlem Shake... remember that?!, people yelling, Heath Slater babay!, Legolas for showing off too much, the Winchesters, Bees, Netflix... RIP Blockbuster, Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Will Smith, Michael Jackson's glove, Hugs, Snakes, Froggies :), Bae, Bay, Old Bay seasoning, Tom from MySpace, Doge, the Rock's eyebrow; not the raised one the other one, Test, Ocularis- Oooooouuuurrrrrhhhh, Big Naked Big Show aka BNBS, Uncle Joe & the Firefighters, Chip Skylark, the Neon Dynasty, Dr. Del Vento's dyed mustache, Peanutbutter, Chickie's & Pete's Crab Fries, Zombie Eddie Guerrero, Stuff and Thangs, Brock Lesnar vs Trent Reznor- the ultimate dream match.

Sam: The Rock, The Hurricane, DDP, DDP's Yoga program, Micheal Cole, Ryan Coyle-Simmons, Don Chin, Adam Charles, That kid who commented on our instagram picture but I never messaged him, The Based God, Tyler the Creator, Andy from Toy Story, Alex's Mustache, Godzilla, Red Stagnation, The entire cast of Shrek the Musical on Broadway, Anyone that still goes on Myspace, Jimmy Jpeg, Bumble Bee Man, Trent Reznor, James From BCOBM, Brock Lesnar, Don Chin, Brad's heritage in Finland, Squidward's Hopes and Dreams, Just Speak Letters, 13 Tons LP, In Our Glory, Bad Boy Scouts, Don Chin, Donald Chin, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, Rob's Brother Dan, Rob's Dad, Rob's old dog that his mom sold, Theory of Noise, Sea Otters, Baha Men, The entire NXT roster except Sasha Banks, The New Jersey Devils, Don's Beard, the 1985 Dallas Cowboys, Tatanka, That diner where me and Rob met Zach Ryder and Dolph Ziggler, Brad's dog Bailey, Alex's Pillow Pet collection, Six Flags Great Adventure, Batman: The Ride, Andrew From Chic Fil A, Rob's Blonde Hair, Enter Shikari, The Acacia Strain, Nissan Pathfinders, Timmy Turner, Dog From Catdog, Bolby from Jimmy Neutron, The Great Khali, Arizona Iced Tea, Cheeze Its, Duracell batteries, GoPro's, Milk, Tastycake Cookie Bars, Bagels, Wawa, Angelo D'Amico, Batman and Robin, Tape, Our Best Mistake, Staples, Sheep, iPhones, Xbox, Billy Carlos, Andy Stout, the guy who tried to sell Me and Rob t-shirts in the parking lot at the Wells Fargo Center, Nada Recording Studios, Jake the Merch Monster, Such Cold Nights, Don Chin, #donchin, Fulton Bank, Brad's Blue LTD Guitar, Bodee the dog, Dodge Neon's, Rob's Mom's house in Florida, Disney World, Universal Studios, and finally and most of all importantly Craigslist, who without, this whole band would not be possible. Thank You. :)))))))))))))))

From The Depths Entertainment  /  2/03/2015 03:39:00 PM
Madrid, Spain based alternative rock band Screams On Sunday gets interviewed and talks about their recent music video, the rock scene and upcoming plans.
From: Madrid, Spain
Sounds like: Alternative Rock

Answered by:
P: Patty
R: Raúl

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Screams On Sunday” and is there any meaning behind it?

R: We started out as any other band, covering songs from bands we loved. Shortly after, we started writing our first song. The idea (“That's Not my Soul”) was brought by Patty. We try to be more careful and ambitious with every new song we write. We always look for the best sound and each of us contributes to it,as, even though we are all rockers, this is a really broad genre and we all have different influences. Our sound, if we have already achieved it, is born from a part of each of us.

P: Regarding the band name Screams On Sunday, that's a funny story to tell. We had been thinking over some names during the week. We had several names to choose from, but we didn't feel very comfortable with any of them. Anyway, we all live far away from each other, so we generally talk things over the WhatsApp. That day I was talking over the phone with Alber while chatting with the guys on the WhatsApp. The thing is, I have two little sisters and sometimes they're really annoying. That day, which was a Sunday, they were screaming and yelling at each other, and I said to Alber: ”Hey, why don't we name our band Screams On Sunday?”. It was meant to be a joke, but we all liked it, so it stayed that way.

2. How was the recent music video shoot for "Call Reality A Lie"? Who directed it?

P: It was a mess hahahaha. It was our first time doing this, and there's really a lot to do to shoot a good or at least decent video. However, we were all really excited to be doing that and Pepe managed to do something really good with the little material means we had. Wanna hear a funny story? I gotta tell you, Raúl was scared as shit. Though he looks like a really brave guy, when we entered the abandoned house where we were going to record the video, he started looking really nervous and saying: “we should stay near the cars, in case someone steals them!”. He didn't even dare to enter the place until some time later hahahaha. When we started shooting the video, some homeless punk guys and girls(that were more or less in their twenties) came over and stayed watching how we recorded our video. We all started talking at each other, even Raúl. I guess they got tired of “Call Reality A Lie” after listening to it for more than three hours in a row.

R: Pepe directed it. He's our drummer/ director/ producer/ editor haha. He's the one who chose the setting and the places where each of us was going to be, the shots, the sequence and almost everything else. The story played by the actress came from Patty.

3. How is the new music coming along? Any release date?

R: We are currently working on new songs. We seek originality, our own sound and good compositions, which is not easy. We work hard for it in each rehearsal and in our homes to achieve it. We have 6 songs written, four of them being the ones already recorded. One of the new songs, “The Puppets Game”, will soon be released with the “Call Reality A Lie EP”, in which we will include five songs. Stay tuned!

4. What can people expect from your live show?

R: A good show. If something can describe us when playing concerts that's the show. Dances, moves, interacting with the crowd, good music. The people that come to our shows always have a great time and I assure you they won't be disappointed. Besides, we always try to bring a little surprise with us…

P: I agree with Raúl. People can expect a really good show combined with good live music! That's because we really enjoy playing and being onstage. And I guess that the bonds we have with each other get to the crowd somehow, though we have only been together for one year. I'm sure that these bonds will grow and make us better musicians, performers and friends, though I know this last one sounds cheesy hahaha.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

P: Only three? Raúl is gonna say Muse.

R: Each of us has a favorite band, so choosing only three bands would be complicated. We could weep if we could play with bands such as A Day To Remember, Fall Out Boy or Muse.

P: I told you, hahaha. I know Pepe would say All Time Low, for sure. I can't decide on three only. I'd definitely love to tour with ADTR and ATL, but I would also add Tonight Alive, I love how powerful they all are onstage. And I would add My Chemical Romance, though I'm aware of how impossible this is. Panic! At The Disco would also be an amazing choice.

6. Any crazy show stories?

R: I think each show is crazy. In my opinion, our last concert in the Moondance venue in Madrid was incredible. Dani and I made use of our new wireless guitar systems, and we decided to join the crowd more than once! There's nothing better than joining a pit in your own show!

P: Yes, that show was amazing! I loved the moment when we played a cover of “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters. Everyone was singing the song and the pit was really crazy. We all made use of our wireless system to join them and make them sing with us the song! It was really funny hahaha. I was scared, as Dani and Raúl were inside, really INSIDE the pit with the guitars, and it crossed my mind they could get their guitars broken hahaha Fortunately, that didn't happen.

7. What’s your take on the current state of rock?

R: Rock is not what it was anymore. But this is really obvious, We can't expect bands like Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc to be born again. The truth is, eveything's already been made. Whatever you do, there will always be someone that says the song sounds similar to other song. That's why we have to search for, even though it's really difficult, originality, something that really could offer something new to the genre. And here is where the problem lies. Most people just try to get famous and make some money. So, this is why commercial rock is born, music made for everyone to listen. In the past, rockers looked for their own sound, but now that idea is rejected as it is a very difficult task. In my opinion, this is just a decay of the genre, and I hope the originality of sound to come back one day.

P: I'm not the pessimist kind to say rock is dead. I don't think rock is dead. Maybe there aren't big bands anymore like Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and so on. But we aren't being fair with our own generation. Those bands were the parents of rock, and we are the children. I must say, there are really talented bands and musicians, even more talented than before. The problem, as Raúl says, is a lack of originality. And in my opinion, this is a consequence of our current society: we want it all, and we want it now. There is a lack of meaning, a lack of depth. But that also applies to other fields of life. Music, most of the time, was a mean for change. Soul, gospel, rock...We can talk about a lot of artists and we will see most of them made a change. The “Imagine” by John Lennon, Sixto Rodriguez's music that people sang as anthems against the Apartheid in South Africa, and many, many more. As a friend of mine once said to me, and I think he's absolutely right: ” anyone can write a love song. The difficult part comes when you have to talk about the important things.”

8. What’s the current music scene like there in Spain both locally and country wide?

R: The current music scene in Spain is really bad. Record labels only look for bands that benefit them at a very low cost. Music venues don't support the bands, they only want to take all the possible money, giving the bands a minimum quantity. There are a lot of contests so that people get to know amateur bands. When you dive into these contests, you realize they are no different from what labels and venues look for: a benefit for the coordinators and little benefit for the musicians. What is clear for us, is that the original products, nationally and locally, are not supported. They just want commercial stuff. We have to shut our mouths more than once and play in places with abusive conditions.

P: Let's be honest, there aren't a lot of people that listen to rock in Spain, because labels don't want to sell it, it's inconvenient to them, they just want to sell pop, and pop that stays in Spain and never goes out. Can you believe that the first national rock radio station in Spain came out like two or three years ago, more or less? It's a shame, because there is a lot of rock talent in Spain and labels are losing them because they don't know how to manage the situation. In order to get rock music in Spain to stand out, a deep change in the overall system and culture would be needed.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

P: I'm not gonna be a hypocrite. I download music. Most of the people do. And I'm not against it. I mean, culture is meant to be shared. The problem comes when you download everything and don't buy an album or go to a live concert. Then you are being a parasite. Free downloading could be a good way of sharing and spreading culture if all people were conscious of the need of supporting the artists they like by buying the albums or paying to see live shows. It's a question of education and awareness.

10. What’s next for Screams On Sunday?

R: Our next aims are finishing several songs and recording a CD, continue playing concerts, taking over Spain, and if we could, more places around the world. We would like to sign to a record label so that we could move forward.

11. Any shoutouts?

R: We want to achieve our dream: to live from music. We are gonna fight for it, and we are not gonna stop doing what we like doing: enjoying ourselves and making others enjoy our music. Long live rock!

P: Yeah! We're gonna take over the world, so beware!

From The Depths Entertainment  /  2/03/2015 10:57:00 AM
Philadelphia, PA indie rock band Sonnder recently released their single "Backwards Ambition". Check it out below.

From The Depths Entertainment  /  2/01/2015 10:34:00 AM
Lexington, KY rock band Blindside Drop recently released their "Liar" EP. Check it out below.

From The Depths Entertainment  /  1/31/2015 12:01:00 PM
Cambridge, UK alt/metal band Vendetta gets their "Illusions" Demo EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

Vendetta are a female fronted alternative metal band hailing from Cambridge, UK. The band has a unique style of metal that is hard to pinpoint but really makes a sound that is truly their own. "Martyr" starts things off with a bang in its female melody/growling that really sets the tone early. The instrumentation on the track is a mix of melodic death/technical metal. "Crocodile Tears" brings to mind early Kittie as it's fast, short and to the point with its aggression and melody. The technical bass lines even have a hint of Mudvayne to them. "Rare Breed" has nice exchange throughout between melodic and harsh vocals that brings to mind early Eyes Set To Kill. It's really a treat of a track to listen to. "How Convenient" continues the pace set before it. The track has a little bit of an alternative rock edge to it mixed with metalcore. It works really well. The instrumentation on the track really keeps things at a fast clip. "Lesson Learnt" will get your head bopping with a bouncy opening that transitions into a harsh/melodic exchange even complete with a mini gang chant. The song is solid and sets things up for the closing track "Swine". "Swine" is a crunchy track that is nearly six minutes of straight up Vendetta branded alternative metal sound. There's a ton to like on the track and the EP.

This is only a demo EP for Vendetta and it's really top notch music. They really fine tuned their sound into something special. The six tracks on the EP are something truly special. Such seamless melody and brutality should never be passed up, do yourself a favor and check out the "Illusions" Demo EP from Vendetta.

From The Depths Entertainment  /  1/31/2015 10:59:00 AM
Madrid, Spain alternative rock band Screams On Sunday recently released their "Call Reality A Lie" music video. Check it out below.

From The Depths Entertainment  /  1/31/2015 10:57:00 AM
Cambridge, UK alt/metal band Vendetta recently released their "Illusions" Demo EP. Check it out below.

From The Depths Entertainment  /  1/30/2015 11:06:00 AM
Mankato, MN based hybrid metal band Truth Inside The Silence get their "Tabula Rasa" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Mankato, MN
Sounds like: Metal

Truth Inside The Silence is a band from Minnesota whose style is a bit of hybrid metal. Their brand of music will cater to a lot of different fans of the genre. Let's jump right in and see how their EP is at presenting their sound. "Fire At A Funeral" kicks things off with an extremely well crafted track that incorporates technical metal, hardcore and melodic riffs into a very solid opening track. "Murals" will get the floor moving with its frantic pace. The track blows the doors off the EP and just opens things up to a more destructive level of metal. "Life In An Hourglass" takes things even further up a notch with a more melodic metalcore driven track that brings to mind Feed Her To The Sharks, It Prevails or early The Ghost Inside. "Crippled Foundation" comes through like a track that sounds like it has a very heavy influence of Calm/Phoenix Mourning with its rapid fire breakdowns, dash of melody and powerful harsh vocals. "Unpeg The Casket" mixes things up and captures an early Emmure/Blood Has Been Shed type vibe with its stellar guitar work and a dash of technical metal thrown into their mix of metalcore. "Apex" is simply an outstanding track as it really is a good change of pace track since it has a nice mix of diverse sounds to it. It goes to show that even a song deeper in their EP can still be fantastic. The crushing breakdowns are sure to induce some kind of whiplash at some point. "Delusions Of Grandeur" is the closing track and a track they shot a music video for. The track is comparable to early Between The Buried And Me mixed with early Parkway Drive. It doesn't pull any punches and will come at you at full force. The track (and music video) and EP are worth multiples listens as their sound is really a step up in the genre right now and should be embraced by more and more fans to come.

Truth Inside The Silence are a very hard hitting band looking to change the game up. Their style is diverse and extremely accessible for any fan of metal and metalcore. The EP is seven tracks full of fresh metal for any and all listeners.

From The Depths Entertainment  /  1/28/2015 10:53:00 AM
Worksop, UK pop/rock band Silhouettes recently released a music video for their single "Fluctuations" off of their upcoming "Old Flames" EP. Check it out below.

From The Depths Entertainment  /  1/27/2015 02:10:00 PM
Windsor, Ontario, Canada metalcore band Among Titans recently released their single "Double Down". Check it out below.

From The Depths Entertainment  /  1/26/2015 02:37:00 PM
Vancouver, Washington based punk/metal band Within Sight get their "The Distance Traveled" album reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Vancouver, WA
Sounds like: Punk/Metal

Within Sight is a Washington based punk/metal band that just recently released their "The Distance Traveled" album. With comparisons to Endwell, Killswitch Engage Bullet For My Valentine and even Atreyu, Within Sight is a force to be reckoned with on this album. "Intro" starts things off with a stormy atmospheric buildup track that sets the tone early. "The Path Before You" steps right in and kicks you in the face with its early Killswitch Engage inspired sound. Very fast, heavy and melodic stuff here on the track. "Three Years Til Now" opens with softer guitar work and veers into an alternative rock sound combined with the speed of a punk rock track. There's an early Bullet For My Valentine vibe on the track as its killer riffs and melody are incredible and seamless. The guitar work especially is stellar. "Revival" is a straight up no frills melodic metal track that brings to mind Atreyu with its awesome breakdowns and melody. "The Distance Traveled" is the lead single off the album and is a track full of passion and excitement. The track is extremely catchy and well worthy of the music video they made for it. "Forced To Be Reckoned With" is a driving track that really speeds up the pace of the album. Its pure metal ferocity shifts into vintage Slipknot territory as its a very heavy and fast track. "Respect What Others Don't" really has a Endwell inspired sound to it as the clean singing, lyrical content and driving guitar drums and breakdowns are enough to sway "Homeland Insecurity" fans onto Within Sight without a problem. "My Words Against Yours" keeps everything tight and organized as its a very solid melodic punk/metal track. "I'd Rather Meet Your Ghost" will get listeners heads bopping along to the sweet sound of fury that Within Sight unleash on this track. The melody combined with the guitar riffs easily make it the most accessible and catchy track on the album. The melodic punk rock sound is front and center on the track and mixed with the crunchy metal guitars is a truly remarkable sound that few bands can truly pull off as good as this. "Casting Shadows" is a perfect track fit alongside a fan of Bury Tomorrow as its extremely heavy and proves the band can keep up with the current wave of melodic metal bands. "Above All Else" is the closing track on this monumental album. The immediate melody and overall vibe of the track ends the album on a perfect note. Everything on the track and album just works and works extremely well.

Within Sight have released a masterpiece of an album. Dashes of punk, metal, and hardcore infiltrate the listeners eardrums. It won't be long until Within Sight are placed beside the heavy hitters of the scene.

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Atlanta, GA rock band Chasing December recently released an unboxing/performance video for their newest single "New Orleans" and album "Chasing December". Check it out below.

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Cambridge, UK alt/metal band Vendetta recently released a video update regarding their 2015 happenings. Check it out below.

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Seminole, OK based metalcore band Devour The Innocent gets interviewed and talks about their formation, the metalcore scene and upcoming plans.
From: Seminole, OK
Sounds like: Metalcore

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Devour The Innocent” and is there any meaning behind it?

We started back in 2011 with Derrick, Brandon and Randy and added William shortly after our inception. We added Tristan in 2012 but he left to go to the band A Glimpse Of Utopia in 2014. We asked Ethan, initially, to be temporary lead vocals in 2014 but made him a full time member the same year. Randy moved back to drums and Derrick departed due to musical differences. We added Blaine to the line-up the beginning of 2015 and that's our current line-up. We try to write music that personally we can enjoy and listen to. The band name "Devour The Innocent" literally has no background. We were trying to think of a band name and thought that Devour the Innocent sounded cool.

2. What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

We want listeners to interpret the music for themselves. Form your own opinions of what you think we're talking about.

3. How has the response been since the EP release?

It's been pretty good.

4. What can people expect from your live show?

In your face. Lots of yelling. Ethan likes to yell.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

All That Remains circa 2006, Parkway Drive, and Escape The Fate circa circa 2006.

6. Any crazy show stories?

Not any particularly crazy stories.

7. What’s your take on the current state of metalcore?

Metalcore has become a circle jerk of who can write the most breakdowns in one song. Melody and technicality have been lost.

8. What’s the current music scene like there in the Oklahoma both locally and state wide?

A lot of hardcore bands. It makes it somewhat difficult to find shows to play with similar sounding bands but we'll play with anyone so it doesn't bother us.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

It sucks. We support music and we all personally find way to financially support artists.

10. What’s next for Devour The Innocent?

We are in the process of recording a new album for 2015. We also have a tour in the works that we will have posted shortly.

11. Any shoutouts?

Derrick Ishman, our friends, family and fans because without these people we wouldn't be where we are now and we are grateful for it.

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Perth, Australia pop/punk band Ready To Fire get their "Ready To Fire" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Perth, Australia
Sounds like: Pop/Punk

Australia is a place lately that has been a hotbed for metal and hardcore bands. Ready To Fire are changing the AU invasion to more pop punk influenced music due to their tremendous debut "Ready To Fire" EP. "Cityside" opens the EP with a very pop punk heavy intro. The upbeat melody of the guitars mixed with the female vocals is something remarkable. The track brings to mind early Paramore and the track is a fun track to start things off. "Do You Remember When?" has chuggy guitar riffs and it's a fantastic radio friendly track. This song should immediately be on everyones' daily playlist. "Hold On" has a fantastic guitar work throughout the track and really captures the essence of the overall tone of the track. It's an overall pretty good track to just jam out to. "Love Me Or Hate Me" is a slower track and then transitions to an early Fall Out Boy type sound that is refreshing and soothing on the ears. "Punchline" closes out the EP with a pure summertime vibe track. The track oozes sun, fun and New Found Glory influences. It's a perfect track to complete this incredible debut EP. Tune in pop punk lovers, Ready To Fire is here to capture your hearts and ears for a long time to come.

Ready To Fire is coming out with new material soon so don't be surprised if they fine tuned their sound even further. Ready To Fire is bringing the catchy pop punk from Australia to invade everyones' eardrums to solidify that pop punk is here to stay.

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Lincolnshire, UK melodic hardcore band Savour The Silence get their "You Can't Keep A Secret If There Never Was A Secret To Start" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Lincolnshire, UK
Sounds like: Melodic Hardcore

Melodic hardcore has been taken less and less seriously lately with bands incorporating different elements which make it stray a bit from the roots. Savour The Silence brings back the true sound of melodic hardcore and makes it their own into a very exciting EP for old school melodic hardcore fans. "An Army Of Me, A Kingdom Of You" crashes in with an almost Letlive/Everytime I Die ferocity. The track pulls you in and gets straight in your face right away. The melodic hardcore sound and breakdowns of the track keeps it moving at a frantic pace. "Letters From The Zodiac" keeps up the fast clip of sound as it treads into Hundredth territory with just a swift spinkick to the face. The track isn't messing around that's for sure. "Cowards Kill More Than Heroes" has a lot of buildups and energy to be an outstanding live track. "Cycles" finishes out the EP. The track has a Bring Me The Horizon type break and then unleashes passionate fury. It's a great way to end the short but very good debut EP.

Savour The Silence is bringing back the true style of melodic hardcore and blending it with their style. UK hardcore is well represented in this young group. With explosive live shows and energetic sound, these guys are looking at a bright future in the hardcore scene.

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Lexington, KY rock band Blindside Drop recently released a lyric video for their single "Free Yourself (Wake Up)" off of their upcoming "Liar" album (due out 2/1/15). Check it out below.